Westport Charterboat Association Derby

The Westport Charterboat Association has been sponsoring Fishing Derbies for over fifty years now. In the early years they covered a week-end. Today, the Derby is on every day of the season.

Please bring $5 cash for derby tickets ($10 for halibut)

Derby Prizes
Daily Salmon Prize up to $400
Bi-Weekly Ling Cod Prize up to $400
Daily Directed Halibut Prize up to $500
Weekly Albacore Tuna Prize up to $400

Annual Prizes
Largest Chinook of the Season $10,000
Largest Coho of the Season $1,500
Largest Halibut of the Season $1,000
Largest Ling Cod of the Season $1,500
Largest Albacore Tuna of the Season $1,000

Official Derby Site (Westport Charterboat Association)